30 January 2014


My that week flew by...Thursday Challenge time again!!  This week we are to offer something with the inclusion of the colour RED.

That said, it is also Last Thursday of the month and YAM has her own little theme today of using an image that has been 'doctored' in some way; creativity it's called...  Additionally, in line with the MENO blog's tour of Dunoon (start back here if you missed that!), it has to be a shot from that fair town.

Guess what?  I actually had a shot which fit the bill exactly on all three counts!!!

Spotted these chimney pots on a house up from the shore-front and couldn't resist them. Amongst a sea of standard crockpot stacks, these were actually a rather vibrant pink over the dark grey slate roof. WLPG'd it by adjusting the highlights all the way down, then upping the contrast a bit and sliding the colour tone all the way to green.

(As an aside, the name stamp was in green when I saved it.  I have NOOO idea how it turned red after uploading...??!!)

It is not the sharpest image partly because I did not carry my monopod with me and the 'Nik' on full 26x optical lens extension - was braced on a fence, but at that length even breathing is going to affect the result!!


  1. Hari Om

    Wonderful work Yaminiji!!

  2. I love that bright splash of red. Great work on the creativity.

  3. Clever post-processing and a perfect fit for the Red challenge! Interesting how your name stamp changed color.

    Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my Red entry. :-)


  4. Very nice indeed! Love it! :)

  5. Clever and creative! I've never seen chimney pots in the real world!


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