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If you want 'bio' stuff, you can find it over at Wild YAM blog, or at Aatmaavrajanam blog. Each has its own bit relating to those blogs and that aspect of life.  Here, "life's" aspect is photography.

Photography has been a part of my life since childhood. From the Kodak Instamatic to the Minolta SLR and sharing dad's darkroom. Oh the magic of light, paper and chemicals!

When the SLR 'died' film photography was already being considered antiquarian but I resisted digital for quite some time, replacing the wieldy SLR equipment with a 'handycam' film camera - still Minolta. It travelled the world with me and proved itself worthy of its name. Then the processing of the film stock was not only becoming prohibitively expensive, but it was also clear that some of it had been on the shelf well beyond its use-by... Eventually, that camera died and I bought my first digicam - Minolta again. &*>

There came the fateful moment of lending it to a mate, and that was that.

Next was the Uniden 7.1mp which survived 6 years of almost constant use and nearly endless travel.  The beauty of that one was I won it!!! Even if I had wanted another Minolta, it was by now not possible. The Uniden proved itself a very worthwhile instrument and I came to love digital work with that little gem. However, once we got to India, Uni and I had a bit of a struggle. Me loving the climate; Uni, not so much. I also had a nasty habit of pointing it at the sun...

In November 2012, along came the Nikon ('Nik') L810. Top-end of its market at the time, but still essentially a point and shoot.

It died barely two years into the running. Mind you it took some punishment and travelled the world at that time. ...have you noticed my penchant for pointing it at the bright thing in the sky???

Fujifilm Finepix S9200 16MP 50x Digital Bridge Camera "DSLR Style" - 2395Currently, am using a Fujifilm S9200 (aka The Fudge) a bigger and more meaningful beast and the closest yet in returning to SLR standards.

Update 2019 - as a result of breaking my wrist six months back, handling the Fudge was problematic. A need for photographic capability in spite of the cast, a visit to a local resale shop and twenty-five quid solved my problem. The PandS (point and shoot) served a purpose for a couple of months but was really substandard for anything particularly serious plus had only a 3x zoom. Although back to using Fudge more fully again, impending travel and the need to travel light encouraged me to consider options.

Enter the 'Hisstix'. This is a compact camera but with a LOT more power and twiddly bits than PandS. I can still do photographer-ly things with it much as I do with Fudge, which I couldn't with PandS - and it has the 25x zoom, which I really missed on PandS. Fudge has a much greater range and better macro, but I am expecting to get some very positive results. Of course, it cost considerably more than twenty-five quid... 😞

Always have had an artistic streak in me - real art mind; paints, brushes, canvases stuff. Or pens and pencils as the case may be. 

One of the joys of digital photography is the ability to manipulate the images so very much more than dad and I ever did in the darkroom.  That was fun. This is heaven. The artist does insist on showing up from time to time. 

However ... For the record, all images on MY TAKE are kept as 'out of camera' unless I tell you otherwise. It's a photographer's pride thing. Boring though it be, it is also necessary here to remind that all works are copyright to Yamini Ali MacLean. No use without permission. Thank you for your courtesy.

YAM xx