05 April 2021


Welcome to "D" of the alphabetised month!  If you have not seen or heard of the AtoZ challenge, click the logo on the sidebar to find out more! This blog is not about words, but about pictures telling the story. That said, for this month, there will be a few more than usual typed items and occasionally more than the usual one image per post. 

It would be hard to make a post on the letter d without including an image of my 'angel', Jade Dog! (July 1994 - Sept 2008)

My garden in Australia was not large, but at least I had one. More to the point, Jade had it and made the most of it!

Australia, land of my heart, is the land of the Dreamtime - and many times I stopped and wondered at its beauty, its light, its Depth... and understood why.


  1. Beautiful Jade, beautiful photos.

    Blessed and Happy Easter.

  2. Like no other, all those eons of uninterrupted progress.

  3. And its not a bad place to dream in as well as dream of!

    Sorry for rather long silence, things have been a bit crazy here.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Drat, that Darling, Dreamy Dominion is Down Under, Damn far Ducky!

  5. OH MY DOG! Jade the dog is so beutiful and i love the garden. when the photo opened I actually said ohhh out loud. I LOVE IT

  6. Hello,

    Jade did have a lovely garden! Beautiful images of Australia. Wonderful memories and photos.
    Take care, have a great day and a happy new week!

  7. Jade Dog you kinda of remind me of Phod Dog...you certainly are a Dreamy looking Doggie
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. I so love the photos...I am on computer now.

  9. Do tell, what is the name of the tree/blossoms? I'm utterly fascinated.

    1. Hari Om
      That's Banksia, native to OZ and a member of the Protea family. Yxx

  10. Always love seeing Angel Jade!!

    I really like the sunset picture...so very dreamy!!

  11. 1) Aw, Hi Jade again (just saw Jade on Insta too!)
    2) Oh, I know I love Australian concept of dreamtime. It is such a ... everything concept. Want to say beautiful but that doesn't capture it.
    Have a great day! Can't believe you are doing three different A-Z's and they are all so different/same. Thanks for sharing!

    Anne from annehiga.com


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