02 April 2021


Welcome to "B" of the alphabetised month!  If you have not seen or heard of the AtoZ challenge, click the logo on the sidebar to find out more! This blog is not about words, but about pictures telling the story. That said, for this month, there will be a few more than usual typed items and occasionally more than the usual one image per post. 

Australia has an abundance of Beetles! I do love a Bug or two. After all, they are so important for the Balance of ecology and the OZ environmental sensitivity is as any other - perhaps, in some regards, greater. 

I have a small regret that I did not photograph a good deal more of the many beetles around my garden. But this Christmas beetle, on the bougainvillaea in the courtyard, was very obliging. Nowadays, I might not have such an opportunity! (This shot was taken on film and is a scanned photograph - as many in this series are - so not so sharp!)

Everything about Australia is Big! That beetle was about two inches long. The seas are big, the cliffs are big, the land is big, the sky is big...

Then it is almost impossible to talk about Australia without mentioning how incredible are its Birds!!! I was a keen amateur ornithologist from schooldays, so OZ was 'squee' territory! To see lots of my bird photos, click the 'wings' label below or on the sidebar.


  1. Great photos. I can recognize the entrance to the harbour anywhere. The kookaburra is among my favourite aussie birds along with the Rosella


  2. Your photos are beautiful, and the beetle is amazing.

  3. That's a real close-up of the beetle! Good pics :-)

  4. Hello,
    Wonderful photos for the letter B. Love the birds and the view of the coastline. Cool looking beetle.
    Take care, have a great weekend!

  5. That is an impressive beetle, YAM. I had heard the term Christmas Beetle, but had no more than a vague notion of what it looked like, at best. I had no idea it is so large. I think you should expand your alphabetic challenge to require coverage of fauna and flora of Australia exclusively!

  6. That beetle is interesting...I don't think I have ever seen one quite that color. But I have seen some beauties, though.

  7. 3B's
    Beautiful post
    Hugs HiC

  8. Lovely captures all. The beetle looks like a jewel!

  9. If i were a traveler Austrailia woudl start my list to visit, Scotland and Ireland make the top 3 IF i could I would..

  10. What great shots, but the pinkish Christmas beetle is a definite favorite!

  11. I have an inordinate fondness for beetles, and it was lovely seeing your willing Australian model.


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