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06 April 2021


Welcome to "E" of the alphabetised month!  If you have not seen or heard of the AtoZ challenge, click the logo on the sidebar to find out more! This blog is not about words, but about pictures telling the story. That said, for this month, there will be a few more than usual typed items and occasionally more than the usual one image per post. 

Expanse is the first word that came to mind for the letter e. A variation on 'big'.  It really is Enormous. This I can assure you of, having travelled its breadth and depth - mainly by road!

However, one cannot pass this letter without mentioning Ecology and Environment. Australia is known for its range and diversity of unique flora and fauna. That it is losing a significant part of that at quite some rate is a matter of great concern. 

Callistemon - aka 'bottlebrush'

Tree Ferns grow all over the world, but Dicksonia's are endemic
to the Antipodes and surrounds.


  1. Hello,
    Australia looks beautiful, lovely view. The Bottlebush has a lovely bloom. I wish more people cared about the environment, before it is too late. Take care, have a happy day!

  2. Your love for Australia drips from every word, YAM.

  3. we are in the clutches of a huge threat to our ecology and environment right now, only 10 miles from our home, the raidoactive wastewater is going into our bay

  4. I am loving your posts for the challenge.

  5. Capital 'L'ing that bottlebrush!!
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Oh, what a fabulous bottlebrush!

  7. I really enjoy the expanse being in the "big wide open" can bring...I find the same feeling can be found "Under the Sea" while looking into the deep blue!

    What a gorgeous red the bottle brush is!!

  8. I love the country. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay the year before last.


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