Back with some phresh fotos... at least for the month of October...

19 December 2013


Something happened in my absence last week; one was that the arrangements made for linking up my previous Thursday Challenge post fell through.  The other was that, apparently, the theme got shifted back a couple of weeks and a two-week theme of BEST OF 2013 was put up instead... so the first prevented my embarrassment of jumping the queue!!

Crikey.  What to pick?..........  you know what?  Why not start at the beginning?!  It was virtually the first photo of the year and only TAKE FIFTEEN on the new blog.  I was astounded at the reach of the 'Nik' on which I was still very much a as only two weeks in my possession at this time.

...but why stop there?  TAKE FIVE was pretty impressive given it was taken from a rattling bus through a grimy window on a digicam...  TAKE TWO demonstrated a lot of who YAM is... or TAKE FIFTY FIVE, TAKE ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX,  TAKE TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY, TAKE TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE...

Yes.  It has been a good year.  Thanks for the chance to go back through them!!


  1. good photo of the moon, do I remember it, I may well do been following you a while now

  2. Hari OM
    Well, every last Sunday is MOONday, so there have been several...but I think this is the winner!!

  3. And I do LOVE your moon!!! Hope your week is going well!! Thanks for your kind words, Yamini!! They're much appreciated!!

  4. Hari Om

    Impressive indeed!
    Thank you for pointing out my error in misreading the theme on my post. I stand corrected.


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