Back with some phresh fotos... at least for the month of October...

26 December 2013


Well, the final Thursday Challenge of 2013 is BRIGHT. Having already done one a couple of weeks ago (confusion at YAM's end - but what's new?) I now need to find another...  
copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

How about vibrant colours over bright waters?  As the last Thursday of the month is also YAM's 'crazy' day, I have fiddled around with the exposure and contrast on this one... not that much in the end because it was really vibrant anyway.  

In fact, if I hadn't said anything, I might have gotten away with this...  &*>

Taken with the 'Nik' on beach mode (because the sun was really glaring that day!!)


  1. Tis bright though the green looks like ivy

  2. Merry Christmas Aunty Yam!! My goodness, you're back in Scotland?! You better come up to aberdeen this very minute and meet me!
    Have a muckle great holiday!
    Pippa :)

  3. Beautiful colours, Yam.
    I'm just taking a break from cooking, but Lindy is lying on the kitchen floor, waiting for another slice of this or that veggie. So far she has had yam (yes) and carrot and turnip. I don't give her potato, but I'd better get to peeling them. Then there's broccoli and cauliflower and Brussels sprouts and peas. Lindy loves peas, although lately she's been getting green beans instead because peas are fattening. I never knew that, but Dick saw it online.
    He tried to get a small turkey, but they were all gone (Christmas Eve in the afternoon, well, of course they were) so we have a nice big chicken in the oven.
    So much prep for just the two, I mean three, of us. Lindy won't get chicken or gravy (supposing I make it, which I probably won't) or any stuffing (the stove-top kind because of worries about germs in poultry, although I've survived 65 or 66 Christmases, not counting the December I was born).
    Now to check out your other blog. And I'm dying to hear about the Isle of Bute.
    Love, K

  4. Hari Om

    Bright and beautiful indeed! Wonderful work Yamini ji

  5. Hari Om
    Bill - I can see why you thought that...but it is actually a tree-like shrub which I do not know the name of...

    Pippa - oh you are definitely on my visitors list Pippa!

    Kay - yes, I often wonder how we survived so long since we apparently knew nothing about hygiene... Sounding like a fabby day at your place though!!

    Magiceye - Thank you!

  6. Beautiful colours indeed! Very nice shot!

  7. I like bright vibrant colors and these are perfect, also just right for the Christmas season.


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