20 February 2014


It is Thursday Challenge day again.  I am a relative newcomer to the meme and have had to rely on utilising photographs already in my library.  In case you don't follow the MENO blog, the YAMster is in a process of transition.  It began 5 months ago when leaving India. The end is in sight.  As you read this, am one day off getting the keys to my new home. Once settled, I hope to be a bit more immediate, interactive with this weekly challenge. Let's see.

The prompt this week is ELECTRICITY.  This is of particular interest to the YAMster.  My father the engineer made electricity power supply his career.  Pylons, mostly.  Poles too. I grew up around them and do like the structures.  Just not that happy about the fossil fuel production.

I likes the wind.  I have written about this on the MENO blog.  Windpower needs to grow. Either way, night lights taken on the move from a rushing autorickshaw in Mumbai make a wonderful night mosaic.

Now all I need is for the electricity to be connected to the new place and I'll be buzzing!!


  1. Hey, great post for the day and I am holding good thoughts for your electricity to be connected in your new place!! Hope your week is going well -- in spite of the frustrations of moving!!

  2. We live in the sunniest, windiest part of Canada, but my enthusiasms about wind and solar power fall on deaf ears. We sit on a huge source of natural gas, which is used to generate electricity.
    When Rudyard Kipling visited here in 1907 as part of a cross-Canada train trip, he called Medicine Hat, Alberta, "the city with all hell for a basement."
    Here's to electricity being connected to Yam's flat, however, and all the rest will follow in due course.
    Luv, K

  3. Hari Om

    A good selection for the meme!
    Heres to quick connections!!

  4. Funny, how they want to know who will pay the bill before they throw the switch.

  5. The perfect topic for this meme considering you are in need of electric hook-up at your new home. My husband is in the power business, he makes sure all the equipment is in proper running condition.

  6. Very nice pictures for this week's challenge. I like the third one especially, very creative! And good luck in your new home!

  7. Nice pics. I use photos from my library too. Lately I don't make as many photos as I did before.

  8. Nice shots. Hope all gets hooked up quickly!


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