30 September 2013


Monday's Critters.

A little suite from Sydney's Chinese Gardens.  The coy carp there are prolific breeders and grow to a full 24 inches in length, with hefty girths to match!!  Taken with the Uniden.


  1. A lovely bunch of fish. Not easy to photograph, I know. That said, I just do not like looking at them. I once saw a lake where people fed them, and the carp were so large they were fin to fin at feeding time and ducks walked on their backs to catch the bread in mid air.

    Hope I didn't spoil it for you. They're not too bad singly or in pairs.

  2. Beautiful, colorful fish! They look like some that I photographed earlier this summer at a shelter here in Portland! Hope you've had a good weekend and wishing you a good week ahead!


  3. You forgot to say they have mouths big enough to eat half a loaf in one go. Beautiful fish though especially like the ghost ones

  4. Hari OM
    Joanne - I actually agree with you on that and here at the gardens they have to cull the fish to ensure the cuteness factor is kept! They also - thankfully - have a no feed policy.

    Sylvia - yes, they are, in these small groups! You too!

    Bill - that's true, but these ones only get fed proper food and only by staff. I agree - that blue/white one is like delft pottery!

  5. Hari Om

    Beautiful to see such lovely creatures!


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