18 September 2013


Wings on Wednesday -

YAM's take on the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright hilarious in respect to photographing birds.

Flying is tricky stuff even after lots of practice.  Photographing flying?  Ditto!! 
Taken with the 'Nik' on sports auto mode and full zoom extension.
Hari Om everyone!  Welcome to the 'Wings on Wednesday'  linky, a mid-week spot for those folks who have 'wings' piccies!  

This is YAM's very own bird specific theme, so please, if you do link up, all I ask is that you stick to the following:
1)   Your link should be directly to a bird picture/s ONLY and does not have to be 'professional'. OOOHHH Okay...butterflies and dragonflies count too!  But do try to make it a bird!  
General postings can link at Tuesday's Me-Now-Views over at My Meno!
2)   Your blog should be non-commercial.  Whilst I respect your right to earn money, this is for hobbyists to network.  
Please know that I will remove any overtly commercial connection...(one or two adsense type things don't worry)
3)   Please put a link-back/shout out to MY TAKE as a matter of courtesy.  Thank you! 

In that regard, I would like to say HI and Thanks to NC Sue for putting up a great Linkys page.

Even if you never tried photographing a bird ever before, give it a go!  Let's have fun and your comments will also be appreciated.

This link will remain open until midnight Friday, Mumbai time. 


  1. You got him pretty good. Pretty colors.

  2. Hari Om

    Wonderful capture indeed!

  3. Oh if we could all soar so beautifully!

  4. Hari Om
    HAH! Jessica's link is not quite working (mistype somehow) but let me put this for her - and for the curious, I have allowed it for inventiveness!

    See, can't say I'm not being fair... &*<>


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