01 March 2023


Well, the 15th of Feb came and went as did the 11th blogiversary. I am just not making any quantity of new images, currently, so have taken the decision to extend the hiatus of daily posting; what I will do, however, is place an image on the first of each month in order to keep the blog alive (another blog I had let go for more than 12 months restricted access to read-only, which is why there is a 'chapter two' of Aatmaavrajanam). I have it in mind that I will restart with the next letter ('K') on the first of January 2024, thus altering, slightly, the anniversary date. Between now and then I certainly hope to have built up my photographic records once more! Meanwhile, here's the pic for March... I've been learning amigurumi crochet and this is my first wee critter, Ringo the Righteous Rhino!


  1. And a pleasant looking fellow he is.

  2. Now you must tell us what is amigurumi crochet!

    1. Hari OM
      See tomorrow's post over at DoWY bloggy!!!Yxx

  3. Ringo the rhino is cute! You have a good idea to keep this blog alive, no pressure.
    Take care, have a great day!

  4. The rhinos I have know have been randy not righteous!

  5. It’s adorable and I love it! And I am so glad that you posted this today because I have been trying to decide if I wanted to put both my blog’s on hold and start another one which I’ve already started but never used and do one blog instead of two. Now I know that if I do that mine will go read only so I will do some more thanking before I do what I was thinking of doing. I want to change I need to change I don’t know what I want to change or what I need to change if that makes any sense. But your post did help so thanks again

  6. Yay just stopped by to check on things and I see a new post of your adorable mini rhino
    Hugs cecilia


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