27 March 2016


A short season of 'reruns' for you, dear viewers...  some technical difficulties this side and it may take a wee while to sort, therefore, for a few days,  ramdom pics!

WAIT! Do I hear cries of "how many more days?"... as am preposting this series back on the 4th inst, am uncertain what the outcome will be of technical stuff... jus' so's you know - these have all been getting posted via a little android tablet and it's all it can do - all the rest is failing me. What a lament eh? Too wordy for this bloggy?

Maybe, but I value my viewership - small but select! - and I also value the rhythm of my theme days. Have taken the decision (back then) to complete the month of March this way, whether or not by now the tech-trubs have been resolved - but to ease you back and ensure I haven't forgotten the flow, the remaining few posts will be to the established themes.... Thanks for bearing with me on this - hope that you hadn't remebered any of these or that maye I hadn't ever actually posted them before!!!



  1. What a lovely sunkissed bed! I must have missed most of your reruns because I these have all been original for me!

  2. Happy beautiful Sunday with such vibrant colors in the bedroom. For sure as Dory says sunkissed
    Hugs madi your bfff


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