17 February 2015


Shipping by...

Okay, prepare yourselves for some indulgence. Usually I am clicking through the double glazing into the sun, so many of the ships are seen in their own shadows.  That first trip out with the Fudge, though, brought many delights, not least the Maersk Rapier (Vital Statistics = UK rego, built 2000, 171m, 34985t, Oil Tanker).  You've seen glimpses of her before, here are three more - a little more 'intimate'!

Continuing indulgence... Joanne asked, on last Thursday's post, as to the nature of drydocking... Allow me!!!

EXCAVATION; aka 'Graving'; is the one many of you will be familiar with, and is generally used by large shipping.
Image result for different types of dry docks

FLOATING; as the name suggests, the ship is lifted through a float and hydraulics system.  The 'bed' of the dock is drifted in under the hull and then ballasted upwards - again, larger shipping is generally placed in this.

PATENT SLIP; a mega-version of the yacht winch you may have seen weekend boaters using. Instead of onto a trailer, the boats are pulled onshore and often undercover (as seen on Thursday's post - here's another taken as these are from good ol' Google Images..)
Image result for different types of dry docks

SHIP LIFT; the names says it all - reserved for smaller craft.



  1. The Rapier is BEAUTIFUL. Double glazing does her no favors.
    Let me count the ways a ship can come out of water. Ingenious.

  2. Beautiful ship and terrific captures as always!! Hope your week is off to a great start, Yam!! Enjoy!!

  3. Well done getting a closer view of the ship

  4. OMCs. you know we two are the biggest red fannies in the world but this creamy aqua blue is gorgeous with the hull as contrast!!!
    thank goodness we have power. Thankfully we had sleet last night not freezing rain. They are both bad but freezing rain accumulates on trees and power lines...sleet just sticks to the ground.
    Hugs madi your bfff and mom

  5. This really is impressive - the size , colours...Yours is a beautiful world! I so love visiting you and yours. hugs back...


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