25 December 2014


Not only is it CHRISTMAS DAY - but it is also LAST THURSDAY, as well as Thursday Challenge time; so I have combined the three, presenting you firstly with a total reworking of a sunset out my window... as a virtual greetings card...

The theme for challenge is 'favourites'... and as stated last week, this entire blog is a selection of my fave shots out of the many zillions of my takes. Sometimes I tizzy them (like that one above), mostly though, they are pretty much straight from camera.  If you click the Last Thursday link above, you will see the tizzies.  Select any label on the right bar and you will be taken to more favourites.

In case you can't bear the thought, here is one from last December, in keeping with the season.

It was TAKE 319 - Glasgow Central Station.

I have greatly enjoyed the Thursday Challenge, but have taken the decision to withdraw from the meme - at least for a while. 

I wish you and yours, wherever you are, a safe and happy day.

YAM xx


  1. Beautiful as only you can do, Yam!! I love them!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday weekend and a very MERRY Christmas!!!

  2. Yamini, the picture is a real beauty! That shows your expertise in the craft!!!


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