08 May 2014


The Thursday Challenge prompt this week is MUSICAL.

Lucky I spotted this last week then...there are a great many memorial seats around Dunoon and Bute.  Generous and practical gifts with a purpose. Taken with the 'Nik' on auto.

...but I also have this...

That is my niece, Amy, who was born with many physical challenges but has prodigious musical talent.  The clarsach is only one of her instruments.  I took this with the Uniden digicam on long focus in low light without flash.


  1. Bey clever I do like the bench

  2. Great shots as always! I, too, really like the bench! Hooray for your niece, Nam, I'll be holding good thoughts for her.

  3. I once bought a small clarsach for my daughter. She never mastered it, but my neighbor's daughter, who played the harpsichord figured it out and made it sound lovely.

  4. I liked the bench, probably one will get more musical sitting on it. :)
    My best wishes for your niece!

  5. Hari Om

    Love them both!
    You sure have a very steady hand to have taken that 2nd pic!

  6. The memorial benches are a great idea. I like the design on this one. Great shot of Amy.

  7. very very nice.....didn't you take a shot from the second one too?

  8. Hari Om and thank you all.

    Joanne - that doesn't surprise, same instrument in disguise!

    Magiceye - well it was a few years ago now...but there was also a handy pillar on the pew beside me...&*>

    Melody - actually I did take a long shot of the three in a row, but not so clear...the glaring light in Scotland is taking a bit of working with and I have yet to properly compensate for it!

  9. Beautiful photos :) loved the design on bench. :)

  10. I like that bench with musical instrument.

  11. Great pictures, very appropiate for this Challenge.
    Lovely that your niece plays the clarsach so well!


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