25 March 2014


The Tuesday Tease

...corrrrr - that one up there looks delicious...

...I can reach it, I know I can; oooohh my head's spinning...

Ohmigosh it's so yummy, gotta pack some for the hive,
my legs are so heavy,
I think I am losing my balance..oooooooooooo.........

This fun little trio of attempted macros were done with the Minolta digicam many years ago.  Was reminded of them when I noted a bumble bee tapping at my window this very morning in the brilliant spring sunshine.


  1. Oh, what a fun post for the day, Yam!!! Love those chubby little bees!! I know just how they feel!!!

  2. Delightful photos. I've often wondered how bees keep themselves aloft, never mind all that pollen. So reassuring to see a live bee, too. (I know, years ago, but I'm an optimist and I insist on seeing everything as optimistic.)
    Except for the noise from the kitchen. My husband didn't turn the icemaker off. I no longer jump up exclaiming, "Burgulars, we have burgulars!" but I do just jump a tiny wee bit.
    We're off again tomorrow for a bit. Dick's birthday trip to, if one can believe it, Iceland.
    If I don't get to see the Northern Lights, he's going to have to take me up to Canada's Arctic next year and sit there until I see them.
    Back the end of next week.
    Luv, K


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