07 November 2013


For the past few weeks I have been joining in the Thursday Challenge - was not sure I could keep it up, but so far so good and it is certainly fun.  For those who are dropping by from that page - thank you!!  Due to my current state of transition between continents, my time is limited so am not able to visit as many of the others as I would like... something I plan to remedy in 2014!

This week's theme is CITY - - hmmmm what have I got?...

Couldn't resist giving you a vision of two cities - first Sydney on a sultry February (late summer) day, with the greasy haze obscuring the North Sydney buildings, Opera house and Bridge.  Taken with the Minolta digicam back in 2006!

image `  © Yamini Ali MacLean
This young busker was drawing quite a
crowd - and so he should; I wasn't
quick enough to catch the one-leg act!

`  © Yamini Ali MacLean
Then there are these two, taken with the Uniden
in 2011, during the Edinburgh Festival

`  © Yamini Ali MacLean


  1. Not up to a challenge, come on try keeping up a daily blog and doing an A to Z that will keep you occupied.
    Nice photo of the bridge

  2. Hari OM
    Actually, Bill, am keeping up three daily blogs and setting lots of my own challenges in those - main thing about this was the fact that here in OZ I have dismal i'net access and therefore am posting up to a week ahead on them all - which could be tricky. However it has fallen to a Thursday anyway, hence being able to follow the memes... don't worry, am up for an A-Z in the New Year and new home!!! &*>

  3. Beautifully captured moments. :)

  4. Great shots. Sydney has instant recognition thanks to the Opera House.


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