05 August 2013


Monday's Critters

The monsoon took a break for almost a whole day and lots of critters came out to play...
this was the first time in my two years here that I had seen two squirrels together - and HOW!  They were quite literally 'gambolling' along the fence and in out of the creeper.  
The female faces camera and the male is clearly evidenced at the tale end - but also by the more reddish fur on the face.  I got several shots with the 'Nik' on varying lengths of zoom; this one I had to boost in WLPG, thus losing some of the clarity, but it was a moment of pure joy for which I was willing to sacrifice photographic pride!!

To enjoy a more cheeky snap  of the happy couple, pop over here.  Don't forget to visit BOZO and why not check out my newly refreshed 'filing' system over on the right, where all my fave blogs have been put into categories to suit my viewing public.  &*>


  1. They look like squirrels, but are marked like our chipmunks. Quizzical photo, good to illustrate a little children's book.

  2. Howdy YAM Aunty, we didn't even know squirrels had stripes? Looks like they're smoochin'. Do ya reckon they'd like to play chasey with us?? hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. Hari OM
    Joanne - trust me there was nothing 'children' about what these two were up to! Yes, noted a similar looking creature over at your blog - chipmunks huh? No the Indian Squirrel is delightful and it 'earned its stripes' from the Lord Rama for it's hard work in helping build the bridge that saved Princess Sita...

    There's your story!

    Rory and Stella - hope you just read the first response - the stripes have history! An BOY were they smoochin'. Why would they not - the surely play taggles with all the ashram dogs!!

    Maciceye - right on!

  4. They are so cute. After reading the comments above I can understand their confusion. However there are striped squirrels here in the US too, like the Harris Antelope squirrel.

    Sorry I haven't been around lately, it turned into a really busy week and I've been using prescheduled posts. Catching up now.


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