16 April 2018


Monday's Critters
The Re-run Series

Penguins are birds - but they don't fly, so am including this fellow in 'critters'!

This is a Northern Rock-hopper, one of the great characters at Edinburgh Zoo, where the penguins are permitted to 'parade' through the zoo every day. They do so only if they wish to, and sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. 


  1. I would love to see that. Too funny, "they do so only if they wish to, and sometimes they do and sometimes they don't". Sounds kinda like Madi
    Hugs HiC

  2. so cute, would love to see one wandering around

  3. I doubt very much that this is a good idea given the proclivity of children to torment animals given half the chance. If they have to have them in zoos better they are kept in large, naturalized areas away from touching, meddling, sneezing humans.

    1. Hari OM
      The public is kept well back, David - it is left entirely up to the penguins themselves. As you'll see from the zoo link, they have Europe's best facility. In an ideal world there would be no zoos; however, those which work hard for conservation and revival of species are to be supported, I feel. Yxx

  4. I can just imagine them out, scoping the tall penguins.

  5. It would be fun to be out for a walk and run into a penguin. Our KC zoo has a very nice exhibit of penguins. Now if only it would warm up enough to permit a nice day at the zoo!

  6. What a lovely sight! I would be waiting for them every day!

  7. Hello, that is cool they can roam around the zoo. Cute photo. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!


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