14 April 2018


Saturday Symmetry

Looking to nature for symmetry today... one of those strange, still and gloomy mornings we get over the Clyde, the water echoing the sky...


  1. Awesome golden sky shot!

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Ooooo that golden sky makes me feel warm and cozy....but I'm sure in reality it was damp...
    great photo
    hugs HiC

  3. I do like this sort of picture. Man and nature.

  4. water and sky is calming to me. years ago when going through hard times, i would go out to the beach, put my chair in the edge of the water and stare at sky and water and it would calm that inner monkey

  5. Gorgeous sky and lovely golden color. beautiful photo. Happy Weekend to you!

  6. Looks quite frigid somehow. As far as I remember I have visited the Clyde only once and spent best part of a day in the City of Glasgow, which sadly I remember as a very gloomy, dirty, downtrodden place with a seemingly unhappy population. None of the people with whom I met seemed especially happy there, and two of them were actively seeking transfers within their company to other offices. Perhaps it has improved.

    1. Hari OM
      Glasgow tries hard, but struggles to shift the deeper gloom - which is not helped by the prevelant weather conditions! It should never be taken as the measuring stick for Scotland as a whole!!! I live an hour North and 'roon tha corner' a bit. The foreshortening effect of the cold air that day - yes, frigid! - means the towers from the dock at Hunterston seem close. They are some 10 nautical miles 'doon tha watter' from the Hutch. Yxx


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