17 February 2014


Monday's Critters

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

Am a bit out of critter piccies at the moment - so have mined the archives and can think of nothing better than one of own all-time favourites; Jade Dog MacLean and Jasper Cat MacLean.  Always together.

For those newer viewers, they are long gone but if you would like to read about their antics, do click here. Don't forget to visit my mate BOZO too!

The photo was taken with the Minolta digicam.


  1. Ah, what cuties they are!!! I do miss my dog SO much!!! Hope you've had a great weekend, Yamini!

  2. Too furry cute! They look like quite a pair of friends!

  3. I love it, Yam. Jasper in the flower pot being guarded by Jade.
    Am expecting Husband and Wet Dog to return any moment. I'm glad there are lots of dog towels just inside the door, so he won't be yelling for help to dry her. I've just finished a large mug of chicken broth and am taking my sniffly head back to bed.

  4. What a wonderful photo Yamini. I love it. A great memory of your two cuties, unique and funny.
    Have a nice week!

  5. Oh what a sweet scene. I love to see cats and dogs getting along with each other. Jasper seems to be enjoying his snooze.


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