27 February 2014


Normally I would be taking part in the Thursday Challenge... however I may not have internet access and the posts this week and next have been scheduled.  So maybe you'll all see me.  Maybe you won't.  I still want to take up the prompt of 'creative shot' (motion blur etc)... especially as it also my own theme day of 'Last Thursday', in which anything can happen!

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

Haji Ali Mosque (the mosque on the sea, Mumbai); in a 'sea' of movement, taken with the 'Nik' on night scene mode and on the move from a taxi!!  The 'blur' is actually passing traffic on opposite lane.


  1. You do get such interesting, fun, different captures, Yamini!! Always fun to visit your blog!! Thanks for sharing! Hope your week is going well -- and your move!!!

  2. Beautiful! You have such a good eye!!


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