13 March 2014


Having piggy-backed on another's internet, I can bring this offering for the Thursday Challenge and the theme this week - being HEAT.

Regular viewers will know YAM's propensity for the big ball of fire (SUNdays posts).  It is not always great for the camera though.  This one shows why.  The Uniden pocket cam was used a lot on this day trip up into the Sayadhri Hills.  That is Kolwan Dam.  It was a searing 40+ degrees centigrade and that is dust in the air, creating the filter effect. The day took its toll.  The sunspot on the lens remained and I had to learn to use the camera in such a way as to minimise its presence in subsequent photos.

(...and again the mysterious colour-change gremlins hit.  I saved my watermark in sepia - not glary blue...tsk...)


  1. Awesome capture, Yamini!! And it does look HOT!!

  2. Time you got your connetion sorted out. Neat photo

  3. Hari OM
    Bill - if it were up to myself, there would have never been a lapse. Sadly, it involved Leprechauns at EE... need I say more???

    anyway as it happens, all connected as of last evening!!!

  4. A beautyful picture Yam!

    At first glance it doesn't look that hot but looking a few seconds more, one almost can feel the heat!

  5. Wow, what a heat is coming from that picture! Great!

  6. Very nice to "see" you back on the challenge:-)))
    And indeed a very hot picture, beautiful!

  7. What a great picture you made, I love it!


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