01 January 2014


Wings on Wednesday - YAM's take on the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright hilarious photography of birds.

copyright Yamini Ali MacLean

"Richt, 'Drew, that's Hogmanay seen through; now if the sun wid on'y rise we could get to thon worm doon yonder..."

WISHING YOU ALL THE VERY BEST FOR 2014 and I do hope that you had a wonderful and fun night.

This pair of rooks were calling the chorus at 05:30h... at 07:00h there was just enough light to photograph them!  Taken with the 'Nik' on auto everything and lens extended 5x optical.

LINKY!!!  Please join in with links to your own bird/flying insect shots.


  1. I love the rooks' post-Hogmanay conversation, Yam. Did you wait up from 05:30 until 07:00 in order to photograph them?
    I don't have any new bird pictures to share here. We have had winter birds occasionally, but not so far this winter. I did see a magpie in Red Deer, and a sparrow or two at a highway rest stop north of Calgary, but we didn't get photos.
    Dick and Lindy are now out for their walk, after much wrestling to get her harness and snowboots on her.
    Didn't get photos of that, either. LOL
    Luv, K

  2. The rooks look lovely against the deep blue of the evening sky.

    I don't have anything ready to post this week but I will be linking up with you next Wednesday.

  3. Hari OM
    Kay - I as up with the birds..literally!

    SQ - morning sky dear but never mind! No worries. I look forward to your shot next week YAM x


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