16 October 2013


Wings on Wednesday -

YAM's take on the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright hilarious in respect to photographing birds.

You had parakeets of the Australian variety on Monday, now here is the Indian Ring-neck parrot.

This was taken with the 'Nik' on auto exposures and full extension of the lens to 26x optical and 4x digital zoom.  I used the monopod and was on the 7th floor of our ashram residence so looking straight across at the tree top.
Hari Om everyone!  Welcome to the 'Wings on Wednesday', a mid-week spot for those folks who have 'wings' piccies!  

This is YAM's very own bird specific theme, so please, if you do link up, do keep to the subject - unless it is really inventive and you win me over...  plead your case well!!!

Even if you never tried photographing a bird ever before, give it a go!  Let's have fun and your comments and link-backs will also be appreciated.

This linky will remain open until midnight Friday, Mumbai time. 


  1. He matches the leaves well. And that is you he was looking at.

  2. Nice bird but I can't see the ring neck on it, looks all green

  3. What a wonderful shot, it looks as though he was posing for your camera.

  4. Hari Om

    Joanne - I doubt it, he was best part of a kilometer away - power of the lens!

    Bill - not from this angle, the dark band goes over the back of the neck and to the sides...think I have one with that, but will have to search the 'archives'!

    SQ - lovely to see you and does rather but I swear he could not have known I was there. YAMarazzi knows how to hide!


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