26 March 2015


Anyway Thursdays are when it gets a bit strange...

Ocean Terminal is at Leith Docks. The Royal Yacht Brittania (decomissioned) now rests here as a tourist and events pavillion.  Around it an enormous shopping extravaganza has arisen.  Oh well...

Meanwhile, some of us have to really deal with the ocean... or at least some small part of it... as we make our way home.

Aboard the Gourock-Dunoon ferry. When perhaps one ought to have thought better of it...


  1. Ah, shopping extravaganzas!! They are everywhere these days aren't they!!! More places to shop, but no more money in my purse, that's for sure!!

  2. Ohhhhhh now that is some impressive rain. Yam Aunty you have mom puzzled ...how did you take that 2nd picture? It looks like you are under water. MOL
    Hugs madi your kitty friend

  3. I adore the second photo, especially. We had rain this a.m., and then it changed to snow and stopped. So wonderful to see your part of the world. hugs from away xx


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