21 August 2013


Wings on Wednesday -

YAM's take on the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright hilarious in respect to photographing birds.
"Okay, they said just drop into a dive..."

"...then spread the wings....  WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

Parts two and three - last week we saw the fledgling looking a tad pensive as it perched on the thin branch.  Here he goes for broke.

Not only was this young Black Kite successful, but YAM finally got some half way decent shots of a take-off!

Taken with the 'Nik' on sports auto and 16x optical zoom.

Hari Om everyone!  Welcome to the 'Wings on Wednesday'  linky, a mid-week spot for those folks who have 'wings' piccies!  

This is YAM's very own bird specific theme, so please, if you do link up, all I ask is that you stick to the following:
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3)   Please put a link-back/shout out to MY TAKE as a matter of courtesy.  Thank you!  

In that regard, I would like to say HI and Thanks to NC Sue for putting up a great Linkys page.

Even if you never tried photographing a bird ever before, give it a go!  Let's have fun and your comments will also be appreciated.

This link will remain open until midnight Friday, Mumbai time. 


  1. I can just see that bird learning curve in the photo. The first one says it all.

    We have a hawk rookery in the wood across the road, but I never seen those fledglings leave. In the front yard, we have several wren nests. Again, I miss it. I see babes clinging to the edge. Then I see them on the ground. They they're gone.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh I know, Joanne, blink and you miss them! This was one of those blessed moments when I looked up at the same time as I had the camera active... What a delight and the squealing of the young thing as it found it's 'stroke' reached into the heart. I swear it was announcing to the world "I have arrived!!!!"

  3. Hari Om

    And the soul flies free!!



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